Universal reporting

Not only does a good reporting solution have to be performant and reliable but also flexible and quickly adjustable. Why? The reason lies in the different processes and process results which a reporting solution shall be able to realise as efficiently as possible.

Examples for reporting processes:

  • daily analysis of the profit and loss of individual business units
  • monthly identification of risk assets and liquidity ratios to a supervisory authority (e.g. Federal Bank of Germany)
  • regular creation of data analyses and time series in the entire database by the BI team
  • answering ad hoc requests by a sales manager regarding product availability and shipping times
  • flexible reporting in the context of (agile) development projects
  • determination of test data from data pools close to the production
  • ...

Depending on tasks and areas of work, requirements for revision security, replicability, "appearance", adjustability and performance differ.

In this spectrum, you often find solutions which are

  • very reliable but slow


  • very flexible but strongly dependent on specific persons.

The RapidRep Reporting Suite's special approach makes it possible to combine the advantages of both scenarios and to eliminate the disadvantage of a slow, isolated application.

How does RapidRep do that?

The core of the solution are so called report definitions, which are stored in versioned form to a repository. A report definition can be created highly efficiently by the RapidRep Designer. It contains the logic for determining the contents and includes an embedded Excel template, which is intended for the report's layout and can be created without any special previous knowledge.

A report can only be created by an end user on basis of a released report definition (optionally also 4-eyes principle). Consequently, all reports are transparent by definition and reproducable at any time (and independent of individual persons).

This feature applies to individual ad hoc analyses just as well as to reports to the management or supervisory authorities. The flexibility and quickness in adjustments is a direct consequence of the high productivity which is achieved with the RapidRep Designer.

If you are looking for a reporting solution and Excel is sufficient as the primary means of output, you might want to consider using the RapidRep Reporting Suite as the standard for your reporting.