Selected screenshots of the application


Parameterise test cases in the Test Runner

User interface

In the Test Runner application, the tester connects to a test project and parameterises all test cases once which shall be automatically evaluated with RapidRep. The logic for the test evaluation is previously determined and released in the development environment of RapidRep.

Executing test cases

User interface

One mouse click in the context menu and RapidRep executes one or several tests. RapidRep creates for each executed test an Excel workbook to which the test result and all information requested for documentation according to ISO/IEEE test standards are stored.

Configure the connection to test and defect management

User interface

RapidRep is a team player and can transfer its results to a test and defect management system. The connection is flexibly configurable.

Apart from the Excel workbook created, RapidRep stores further attributes like for example editor, priority etc., if necessary. The progress reporting in the test management system is thus based on constantly current data and business analysts as well as defect revisers have a central information source.

Implementation of the test logic

User interface

The implementation of the test logic is done in the integrated development environment, the RapidRep Designer. From there, the test designer has access to 50 different data sources, rule engines and models. RapidRep saves the test logic in a versioned form to a repository.

The embedded Excel workbook serves as template for the later test evaluation. It can contain formulas and VBA code and implement a part of the test logic.

Test procedure in batch mode

User interface

With the TestingCLI, RapidRep can perform test execution, test evaluation and the transfer of the results to a test and defect management system in batch mode and automate the entire testing process to a high degree. For mass testing, the employment of RapidRep Cloud Computing should be considered. With it, a very high number of test runs can be handled.