System requirements for the RapidRep Test Suite


Personal computer

For the installation of the client approximately 400 MB of hard drive space and a minimum of 1 GB RAM are required. For extensive reports with large Excel workbooks memory requirements might be higher.

The installation of RapidRep on a personal computer does not require local administration rights. The computer on which RapidRep shall be run must have a valid and standards-compliant hostname, however, i.e. a hostname that among other things only consists of the ASCII characters a-z or A-Z, the numbers 0-9 and the Hyphen-minus.

Operating system

RapidRep can currently be used with the following operating systems:

  Repository Manager Designer Test Runner,
Report Runner
Testing CLI,
Reporting CLI
Cloud Monitor
MS Windows XP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes5
MS Windows Vista Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes5
MS Windows 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes5
MS Windows 8 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes5
MS Windows 10 Yes5
SUSE Linux 2,3 Yes Yes1 Yes4 Yes4 Yes5
Red Hat Linux 2,3 Yes Yes1 Yes4 Yes4 Yes5
IBM AIX 2 Yes Yes1 Yes4 Yes4 Yes5
Sun Open Solaris 2 Yes Yes1 Yes4 Yes4 Yes5

1 without a preview function for reports
2 Derivative and version on request
3 from GTK+ 2.2.1
4 Only in combination with a server that executes rendering and testing on Windows.
5 Calculation server runs on all systems. Rendering and testing servers only run on Windows systems.

Microsoft Excel

The following spreadsheet software can currently be used by RapidRep for the creation of reports:

Microsoft Excel 2007 Yes
Microsoft Excel 2010 Yes
Microsoft Excel 2013 Yes
Microsoft Excel 2016
Microsoft Excel 2019

Database server

The following RDBMS can currently be used as repository for RapidRep:

Produkt Versionen
Oracle 10g Rel. 1 (10.1.0)
10g Rel. 2 (10.2.0)
11g Rel. 1
11g Rel. 2
12c Rel. 1
Sybase Adaptive Server 12.5, 15.0, 15.5, 15.7
IBM DB2 9.1
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (SP 1 - SP 3)
2008 (SP 1)

The requirements for hard disk space is primarily determined by the number of calculated reports and should have a minimum of 5 GB.