Browser, web server and database


Product information on the RapidRep Quality Master

The RapidRep Quality Master is a web-based solution for the test and defect management (see fields of application). The Quality Master is ideally suited for small, agile teams who want to quickly and flexibly test test cases either manually or automatically.

The application can be installed and operated independent of other RapidRep products. When used with the RapidRep Test Suite, the Quality Master can be connected analogously to the other supported test and defect management systems. The options for use when employing the RapidRep Test Suite differ depending on the edition in use (see here).

The current version is offered for free to download either separately or as part of the RapidRep Express Edition.

The Quality Master requires a web server on which the application is supplied. Users access it via a common Internet browser. In delivery state, a Tomcat Webserver by Apache as well as a Repository database on basis of Apache Derby are included.

The user interface can be switched between German and English at any time. The documentation is also available in German and English.