Test everything which does not require manual user input. Automated. Economical. Reliable.


What can the RapidRep Test Suite do for you?

RapidRep saves costs and reduces test time! Its results are reliable because each test case result produced is completely transparent and reproducible at any time.

  • Execute and analyse test cases for the back-end automatically
  • Exchange test results between numerous test and defect management systems
  • Implement the logic for the test execution in a transparent and elegant manner
  • Determine and anonymise test case data
  • Test automation in batch mode
  • Automatically document the execution (and defects, if applicable)
  • Detect and locate regression errors at the press of a button

Ways to use the RapidRep Test Suite

Web services

It does not matter whether your web service returns XML or JSON as result: RapidRep’s numerous wizards for post-processing will help you being able to focus completely on those aspects important to your test.

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The comparison test

Whenever data is copied, transferred, imported, exported or synchronised, the question arises whether the data is complete and correct at the end. Since it is often mass data, two eyes are not enough to determine that. An automated comparison is required. To this end, RapidRep is equipped with a specific wizard. In just a few steps, this wizard can automatically compare any combination of data sources.

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The function test

Programs transform data according to a defined rule. Whether the program reacts correctly to test data and parameters is a key question for its test and release. Despite methods of systematic test case determination can the combination of valid test data and parameters lead to very many test cases, which results in the necessity of a risky prioritisation when evaluating manually.

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The migration test

RapidRep can process information from N-different data sources at the same time. To test a migration, it is usually sufficient to connect two data sources: the source and the target system. RapidRep is able to perform the comparison without having to move the data physically.

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Evaluate data quality

Successful enterprises know that a high quality in their business data is strategically important. With RapidRep, rule-based evaluations of databases of all kind become mere child's play.

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Model Based Testing

Models are especially suited for the specification of calculation rules in software development. The model based test automation translates these models into an efficient reference implementation and can be used as test oracle. Consequently, the test evaluation can be done up to 100% automatically.

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