System requirements for the RapidRep Quality Master


Database server

The following databases can be used as repository for the Quality Master:

Product Versions
Oracle 10g Rel. 1 (10.1.0)
10g Rel. 2 (10.2.0)
11g Rel. 1
11g Rel. 2
12c Rel. 1
Sybase Adaptive Server 12.5, 15.0, 15.5, 15.7
IBM DB2 9.1
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (SP 1 - SP 3)
2008 (SP 1)

The requirements for hard disk space is primarily determined by the number of calculated reports and should have a minimum of 5 GB.

Web server

The web browser interacts with a web server in the background. The latter must meet the Java Servlet Specification 2.5 or higher. Virtually all common web servers meet this requirement. For example, the following product versions can be used as a web server:

Product Versions
Apache Tomcat from Version 6
JBoss Application Server from Version 2.1
IBM Websphere from Version 7.0
Oracle Weblogic from Version 10
Jetty from Version 7