Features & Benefits of the RapidRep Quality Master



  • GUI focuses on the creation of test cases, tracking the testing progress and the management of defects
  • Use with a common web browser
  • All actions available per context menu
  • Any depth of folder structure can be defined by the user
  • Consistently drag & drop
  • Management of projects and domains can be done simply and fast via the web browser
  • Functions for creating and configuring a new project with a few mouse clicks


  • Generic data model
  • Each project has its own data model
  • Any number of linking between entries possible
  • Each object can have as many attachments, comments as well as internal and external links as necessary


  • The repository only admits selected databases whose reliability has been proven for years: Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase and Derby
  • Identification of users (authentication) per JDBC and LDAP possible
  • Individual projects are physically separated from each other
  • Database administrators are as usual responsible for storage, backup and restore
Universal Versatility

Universal Versatility

  • Can be used both as solution for a (distributed) team and as a single workstation solution
  • Server component is written in Java and can be installed on all common platforms; client-sided no installation is required (access via browser)
  • Offers all relevant functions of a test management system (test cases, executable test cases, test steps, parameter, linkings, test executions and much more)
  • Can be used purely as a defect management system
  • Test execution manually and/or automatically possible