Quality can be planned


Individually plan, measure and control the quality of programs

Your team developed a great product and you want to find out how good it works. In this case you can use the RapidRep Quality Master as test and defect management system.

Contrary to other test and defect management systems, the Quality Master focuses exclusively on the management of

  • test cases
  • test plans
  • test analyses
  • and defects

Consequently, the web application is very easy to use and can be installed and operated within just a few minutes.

Via an Excel interface, the user can upload executable test cases including parametrisation to the Quality Master or gather them individually. One test case can contain several steps and be executed manually or automatically, for example by using the RapidRep Test Suite.

The Quality Master can manage a variety of test projects and domains. Each project has its own data model, whereby the best possible security and performance is ensured. A test case portfolio with several thousand test cases is not a problem.

The Quality Master proves itself in the construction and analysis of test case portfolios which in other test management systems are often laborious or costly to realise. These special test case portfolios include, for example:

  • dynamic test cases which prove themselves during explorative testing and constantly extend the portfolio
  • generic test cases which build a kind of "placeholder" for mass evaluations
  • mass tests in which test cases are uploaded and parameterised via an Excel sheet
  • test cases spanning all test steps and resulting from any dynamic cirteria

The option to execute structural changes in the project (customisation) is scheduled for a later release. We are pleased to accept suggestions on this in the forum.