These data sources can be accessed by the RapidRep Reporting Suite


Supported data sources

RapidRep is able to access data stored in many different systems. Currently, RapidRep can access more than 50 different data sources. The Reporting Suite can select and join data from these systems and finally present the information in Excel.

List of supported data warehouses

RapidRep can access the data of the following systems (sorted alphabetically). You can receive the required JDBC drivers from your administrator who supervises the respective database.

Supported Data Warehouses
ADABAS HSQLDB JTOpen(AS/400) OpenIngres
Axion Hypersonic SQL JTurbo Oracle
Clipper IBM AS/400 LDAP Paradox
Cloudspace IDMS LucidDB Pointbase
CodeBase IMS Mckoi PostgreSQL
CUBRID Informix Mimer SQL SAP DB
Datacom Ingres MMMySQL SAS
DB2 InstantDB MongoDB Sunopsis
dBase Interbase MS Access Sybase
Derber InterClient MS SQL Server ThinkSQL
Firebird Intersystem Cache MySQL Times Ten
FoxPro Java DB Nonstop SQL VSAM
Frontbase JSQL NuoDB  
H2 Database jTDS OleDB Provider  

List of supported text formats

RapidRep can access the content of files. The required drivers and wizards to do so are an inherent feature of RapidRep.

File format Comment
CSV columns are separated by a delimiter
Fixed Length file with fixed sentence structure
XML as file or as result of an URL (e.g. web service)
MS Excel cohesive range in an Excel sheet