Successful Duo: Imbus TestBench and RapidRep Test Suite


The newly developed RapidRep Testing adapter for Imbus TestBench makes automatic testing of back-end objects in combination with the TestBench possible. The Imbus TestBench is a long-established “work environment for testing teams of any size”1 and enables the connection of other test systems via an integrated interface. In this way, testing tasks can be usefully distributed and be processed by the best available application. In the case of automated back-end tests, it is now possible to delegate the test automation out of the TestBench to RapidRep. The interface supports the full functionality of RapidRep from version 5.5 upwards. The RapidRep testing adapter was developed by FINARIS in cooperation with Imbus, in order to achieve the best possible integration of both systems.

What does this mean for you?

As a user of imbus TestBench you can access the functionality of the RapidRep Test Suite without leaving the familiar TestBench’s graphical user interface. You still manage your test cases, variants etc. in the TestBench, which provides the test data to the test automation. The RapidRep Testing adapter calls the RapidRep Test Suite with the defined data and parameters and returns all the details to Imbus TestBench which are required for the test case results‘ transparency: an Excel workbook with the results and additional log files, if required.

Since the imbus TestBench knows and saves the test auotmation’s results, reporting can also be done with the Imbus TestBench as usual. Thanks to the extensive information that the RapidRep Test Suite provides in addition to the automated test execution, both business analysts and developers can easily see in case of defects where they originate and make appropriate adjustments.

Advantages at a glance

  • Use the TestBench for test and defect management as well as reporting as you are used to do
  • Efficiently automate test execution and test evaluation for back-end test objects
  • Test automation with RapidRep integrates seamlessly with the overall process controlled by the TestBench
  • High degree of transparent and replicable test automation
  • Comprehensible and replicable automated test evaluation with detailed log files and Excel workbooks