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New release: RapidRep 5.7.2

RapidRep® is now available in version 5.7.2. The software for test automation of the back-end and flexible reporting has been enriched by new features with practical relevance as well as numerous enhancements.

Many thanks to the community, which has inspired us again with many useful suggestions! Most of them are now already part of this release.

A selection of the most essential new features:

  • Extension of the data comparison wizard

The data comparison wizard has been expanded at several places so that you can adjust the comparison even better to your requirements. Thus, the selected setting for the comparison's content will be kept as default for further comparisons, the order of records for the output can be sorted and you can decide yourself whether source scripts shall be moved. When creating the comparison, RapidRep also adds a generic description so you can see at a glance which scripts and folders have been created by RapidRep.

  • Import CSV / Fixed length file structures from MS Access

With the new version you can import quickly and easily import and export specifications for text files from Microsoft Access databases with the help of a wizard and the maximum of two steps. The wizard is available in the tab File structures via context menu or drag & drop of an Access database file. The imported file structures can be edited, used and exported in RapidRep as usual.

  • New data types & modifications in the file structure wizards

In the file structure wizards you have more data types available. Newly added are among others Time (SAS), Timestamp (VBA), Timestamp (Unix), Date (SAS), and Varchar (Base64). In addition, the new number format Hex can read in any hexadecimal number. The number format <Auto> can also read exponential notation. Furthermore, functionality in several dialog steps is more accessible and comprehensible, for example via the new sub tab "Null values and Errors" or the illustration of cardinalities via icons in the XML wizard.

  • Optimization of the wizard for merging report definitions

In the wizard for merging report definitions there are several new features for easily managing the merge. For example, you can find new information on the number of referenced objects via a tooltip or on the number of backups contained. In addition, you can make a selection regarding the transfer of empty folders. You can also use a new intuitive and functional color management to make the comparison of the report definitions visually accessible, as well as identify backup objects with custom suffixes or prefixes and select between the backup modes "manual" and "automatic".

  • Additional drag & drop functionality

Drag & Drop does not only facilitate your work in RapidRep by being able to move, copy and order objects in a quick and easy manner.  Retrieving data from external files can also be conveniently implemented via the extensive drag & drop functionality of RapidRep. From version 5.7.2 on, you can also drag files onto the file structures in the database browser, drag files from ZIP-files and trigger additional functionality when pressing CTRL while dragging and dropping files and objects like for example retrieving the content via SQL or the automatic refactoring of copied references.

  • Open report definitions in a new Designer instance

In the dialog for opening report definitions you can now select that these shall be opened in a new instance of the RapidRep Designer. Thus you can work in several Designer windows at once.

  • New document: Working with files

The documentation includes the document "Working with files" in which the most important methods, options and ways of working with files in Rapidrep are explained and illustrated with examples. The document is available in the HTML web version via the main menu Help and also as a PDF version in the documentation folder of your RapidRep® installation.

  • Explicit Excel 2016 support

From version 5.7.2 onwards RapidRep supports the integration of Microsoft Excel 2016.

  • Numerous further features and modifications

In RapidRep 5.7.2 there are several adjustments which further increase the usability and performance of RapidRep: Dialog for automatically adding missing script references; new API methods and functions; error position highlighting in the result view; Tuning of the data model import; new selection mode in the execution order of scripts, and much more.


Best if you try it yourself! Test the new highlights via the free test version available on our website: Free Trial

We look forward to your feedback and to receive wishes and suggestions for further features!

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