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New release: RapidRep 5.7.3

RapidRep® 5.7.3 is now available. We enhanced the software solution for test automation of the back-end and flexible reporting with practical features and functional adjustments.

A selection of the most essential new features:

  • Installation and repository independent of locally installed Java (Windows)
    The installer for RapidRep 5.7.3 does not require Java to be installed on the target machine. Nor does RapidRep require pre-installed Java for running the repository. Consequently, you do not have to install Java nor assure that a particular version of Java is installed in order to successfully install and use RapidRep on your computer.
  • Support of national special characters when rendering
    UTF-8 encoded characters are supported in the rendering process (extension of Windows-1252 to UTF-8). Rendering national special characters is possible without any adjustments.
  • Significant acceleration of updating CSV files for large amounts of data
    When using SQL Update, Insert or Delete operations on data from CSV files, the source files are automatically updated if this has been preselected. In order to not decrease performance especially for large amounts of data in the source file, this update process has been significantly accelerated in version 5.7.3.
  • Display of encodings with descriptive names
    The display of descriptive names helps to select the right character encoding. In all dialogs that offer or require the selection of an encoding, the list of encodings has been supplemented with descriptive names.
  • Support of national EBCDIC encodings for reading and writing Binary Coded Decimals (fixed length file structures)
    The support of files with national EBCDIC encoding has been refined in its functionality. For fixed length file structures reading and writing binary coded decimals (e.g. Comp-3) is now also possible.
  • Expansion of CSV export (Delimiter, Use of column names)
    Exporting table contents as CSV file via the database brwoser has been functionally extended. There are now several individual column separators available, which can be selected according to the file's intended further use and the target system (e.g. semicolon or custom delimiters based on unicode hexcode can be selected). In addition there are now further options for the use of column names (e.g. None).
  • Dual control principle for data models/sets of rules
    From RapidRep 5.7.3 on, the proven and reliable dual control principle for release (e.g. of report definitions) can also be applied to data models. In order to do so, activate in the Repository Manager in the dialog "RapidRep policies", tab "Dual control principle" the option "use for releasing models". Then a release will not be directly offered when importing data models and RapidRep checks for manual releases in the data models that the user who wants to release the model is not the same as its creator.
  • Further features and modifications
    In RapidRep® 5.7.3 there are several more adjustments which further increase the usability and performance of RapidRep®. You can always send us suggestions for further enhancements via the contact options or the forum on the homepage.

Best if you try it yourself! Test the new highlights via the free test version available on our website: Free Trial

We look forward to your feedback and to receive wishes and suggestions for further features!

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