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NEW: RapidRep 5.0

Postby JessicaGrote » 28 Aug 2013, 12:48

Since early August, the RapidRep Software Version 5.0 is available to our clients.

For the first time, we are additionally offering a free evaluation version, the RapidRep Express Edition, for download. There are only minor functional limitations in comparison to the Enterprise Edition and thus the Express Edition is very well suited for evaluation.

What exactly has changed in Version 5.0 compared to 4.x?
A brief overview of the main new features:

    The RapidRep Designer includes a wizard for the comparison of any data sources.

  • Report definitions can be set up with the use of JavaScript. JavaScript and Velocity complement each other.

  • A new wizard for reading in CSV and Fixed Length files.

  • Content of XML files can also be retrieved via SQL. XML content may be provided as file or accessible by FTP or as URL.

  • In order to be able to manage data in the repository in a revision-proof manner and to use it in report definitions, we included in 5.0 a wizard for uploading data from Excel to the repository.

  • The RapidRep API, which is available in JavaScript as well as in Velocity, has been expanded by very many new functions. Compare API reference manual.

  • Upon multiple customer requests we have made the help available in HTML, in addition to the PDF manuals. In the applications, F1 opens a context-sensitive Help.

  • Tasks in report definitions replace categories and result in a clearer call semantics.

  • In the Test Runner, the test automation scripts for the Testing CLI can be automatically created by mouse click.
  • The newly developed RapidRep Quality Master can be configured in the Test Runner as a fully adequate connection for test and defect management.

  • The details representation of reports in the Report Runner is now clearer. Already at the time of creation, the creator of a report can determine the individual ranges(see Tasks).
  • In the Report Runner, the distinction between calculation relevant parameters and user-defined properties has been improved.

  • Numerous usability improvements, e.g. consistent drag&drop, RichText fields for descriptions and comments.

  • Many, partially very powerful performance improvements.
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