New version: RapidRep 5.7.1 available

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New version: RapidRep 5.7.1 available

Postby JessicaGrote » 23 Jun 2016, 10:33

As of now RapidRep is available in version 5.7.1. This version is distinguished by increased performance and effective new functionality. You can download the express edition for free evaluation on the following page: Free Trial.

Naturally, RapidRep 5.7.1 includes all features that were released in previous versions, e.g. the file compliant editors and the table data editor of version 5.7.0.* In its new version, however, RapidRep requires less main memory when performing evaluations, is yet again increased in stability and provides relevant new functions.

For example: in the advanced settings of the file structure wizards you will now find settings for interpreting number and date formats. Thus you can decide between strict or fault-tolerant parse mode among other things. In addition, a generic auto format for decimal numbers has been included which allows for reading all commonly formatted numbers and e-notations.

In the file structure wizard for fixed lengths files new data types are available for formats that contain binary coded decimals. Consequently, RapidRep 5.7.1 is also able to read formats for mainframe systems (EBCDIC).

In the data comparison wizard you can create additional sheets in the template, without the wizard trying to format them according to its post processing settings while rendering.

Further improvements in details in the structure wizards, settings and editors round off this new edition.

Test RapidRep 5.7.1 today! (Free Trial)

Note: RapidRep 5.7.1 is backward compatible so that you can use report definitions etc. from previous versions.

*A more detailed overview on features of the previous release 5.7 can be found here:
RapidRep Release 5.7
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