What to do if expected result is unknown

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What to do if expected result is unknown

Postby Donald72 » 11 Sep 2014, 20:16


our test cases are sometimes quite complex and depend on test case date which is not static and subject to change.
Our business people are not able to predict results in a timely manner and we find it hard to come to a passed/failed decision.

On the website I have read something of rules and model based testing. I wonder if this is can be useful for us, but I don't understand how this can work. Sounds a bit magic to me and my colleagues.

Can anyone of RapidRep or finavis help us? many thanks,
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Re: What to do if expected result is unknown

Postby maerklw » 12 Sep 2014, 17:06

Dear Donald,

although there is not much details in your question I think this smells like a use case for a rule based approach.
In Release 5.1 we have not spent much wording on this feature / method. This will change a lot in Release 5.5.

In order to build a test oracle, the test solution (i.e. Repordefinition) needs to know how to calculate the expected result.
As long as everything that manual users are doing is observable in the backend (tables, files, web serives etc.) then rule can be built and RapidRep can calculate the results automatically.

The procedure in this case is:
- chech wehre the underlying data is coming from
- build a sql join that contains all attributes needed in your rules
- build a rule set in Excel and upload it using the data sheets (see documentaiton)
- prototype the rules with busienss experts
- finally use them in your RapidRep automation framework.

If you need more details I kindly ask you to check with our office and send us an email.
Best regards,
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