Suppoted test objects in Back-End

Supported test objects

The RapidRep Test Suite is a test automation solution for the back-end. The large range of test objects includes tables, files and programs without user interface.

RapidRep supports access to data of different origin. Currently, RapidRep can access more than 50 different data sources and use them simultaneously in a test case.

List of supported data warehouses

RapidRep can access the data of the following systems (sorted alphabetically). You can receive the required JDBC drivers from your administrator who supervises the respective database.

Supported Data Warehouses
Apache DerbyIMSMS AccessSAP HANA
CA DatacomInformixMS SQL ServerSAP MaxDB
ClipperInterbaseneo4jSybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
CUBRIDInterClientNonstop SQLSybase IQ
DB2Intersystems CacheNuoDBTeradata
dBaseJava DBOleDB ProviderThinkSQL
FirebirdLDAPOpenIngresTimes Ten
H2 DatabaseMimer SQLPointbase 

List of supported text formats

RapidRep can access the content of files. The required drivers and wizards to do so are an inherent feature of RapidRep.

File formatComment
CSVcolumns are separated by a delimiter
Fixed Lengthfile with fixed sentence structure
XMLas a file or as a result of a URL (e.g. web service)
MS Excelcohesive range in an Excel sheet

Programs as test objects

RapidRep can measure the functionality, stability and performance of back-end programs automatically. Back-end programs process input data and parameters without manual intervention according to a deterministic logic and create (interim) results. Input via a user interface (GUI) is not supported by RapidRep.

In case of the function tests, RapidRep performs a fully automated target/actual comparison. RapidRep can either use the known expected result or determine the result with the help of rulebooks or a model-based approach (RapidRep as so called "test oracle").