Software Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in the RapidRep product line.

Save the download locally and extract the ZIP program in a temporary folder.

Then execute install.exe and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

RapidRep Express Edition 5.7.2

The free download for Windows includes the RapidRep Test Suite, the RapidRep Reporting Suite and the RapidRep Quality Master.

Free DownloadFileWindowsSizeSHA1 Code
RapidRep Express 5.7.2zip32-bit x86355 MBa615b89694e77c76b2e89dd31e2cebadd73160f4
RapidRep Express 5.7.2zip64-bit x86357 MB0fce3ff768af8a0604844fdbb471f735bea252c9

RapidRep Quality Master 1.0

The download for Windows contains the free RapidRep Quality Master 1.0, including a pre-installed Tomcat web server and an Apache Derby database.

The Quality Master can be installed and operated independently from other RapidRep products.

Free DownloadFileWindowsSizeMD5 Code
RapidRep Quality Master 1.0zip32-bit x8641 MBdbee11bcb70e72e28f35b01fa225c08e

You can use the RapidRep Forum for feedback and suggestions, and exchange views and information with the community.